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Do you have confidence issues?

Confidence is essentially avoiding situations, events or personal progress generally, although this avoidance may hold you back in a familiar comfort zone, nothing will really change in improving your confidence. Success in confidence growth is dependent on a number of things;

In order to help your confidence growth, you will need to start focusing on what types of things that you want to do/change. Set some goals, weekly, monthly and annually, work out a plan of action with deadlines. As you tick off each new achievement then you will feel your confidence growing.

Once you start the planning process and action it, your new sense of confidence growth will become something that you will be very proud of. In essence, this process also serves to feed your self-esteem, so you’re in a Win-Win situation. Change your life by working with a Healthy Mind!




I am a victim of an Acquired Brain Injury as a result of two terrible accidents. As a result of these accidents I was not only left with brain injuries I was unable to make my own decisions any more, I was unable to live alone and I was left feeling de-motivated and lacking in confidence in almost everything that I did. I felt lost, lonely, scared and also angry, so many emotions that I couldn’t really understand. Sandy has helped me to feel more confident in myself, I now make my own decisions with far more accuracy. I also now live alone and have over a period of time learnt how to internalize Sandy’s voice so that my decision making is now made in confidence and more accuracy. Even though I am so much better I do retain therapeutic contact with Sandy as our work allows me to maintain my motivation to always improve. Thank you so much Sandy from Healthy Minds.
Acquired Brain Injury Survivor